Monday, May 25 – Thursday, June 11

Our LIVER is a major organ for detoxification and has numerous important responsibilities to keep our bodies healthy and working optimally. We created a simplified detox that you can follow to give your liver a little extra love before the summer begins and we enjoy a few extra tasty libations in the sun. Learn more about the Challenge, information sessions, and how to Register below.

If you have any questions please send them to challenge@sxsfitness.ca

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  • LIMIT your grain intake to strictly "Whole" Grains
  • ( -2) pts per infraction
  • Do not eat any FLOUR products, Pastas, Rice, Breads, Granola, Oatmeal/ Porridge (unless they are steel-cut oats)
  • This is not about GLUTEN-Free - you can have Gluten, just not anything with processed grains
  • CORN and POTATOES are considered grains for this challenge. You can have a cob of corn but not "corn chips". You can have a baked potato but not "potato chips".
  • EXCLUDED: Vegan Protein Powders
  • Please refer to the WHOLE-Grain Chart for details
  • DO NOT consume Sugar for the duration of the challenge
  • ( -2) pts per infraction
  • DO NOT comsume Concentrated Fruit Juices, Maple Syrop, Honey, or Artificial Sugars (except Stevia)
  • EXCLUDED: PRE, DURING, and POST Workout beverages/supplements/shakes
    We recognize the importance of replenishing your muscles with glucose (sugar) after a workout. Any sugars consumed to support your workouts will not count against you during the challenge. That said, please don’t pretend that a donut from Timmy’s is your “post workout shake.
  • WHOLE Fruit and 2oz or less of UNSWEETENED Fruit Juice are allowed
  • Products containing 3g of sugar or less will be allowed
  • Please refer to the SUGAR-Free Chart for details
  • DO NOT drink Alcohol for the duration of the Challenge (18 days)
  • ( -2) pts per infraction
  • Over the Summer we tend to overindulge in alcohol - by giving your liver a rest from breaking down alcohol toxins it can then focus on breaking down other toxins in the body
  • Remember, one beer is one infraction.. but 2 beers is 2 infractions, etc.
  • ( -2) pts per infraction
  • Although healthy fats are great for your skin, joints and brain function, it can be hard on the liver to process
  • When we cook fats (high heat grills/ frying/ baking) it greatly increases “Advanced Glycation End Products = AGEs” (which is already high in fatty foods). These INCREASE INFLAMMATION in the body. More and more studies are associating AGEs with chronic diseases (diabetes cardiac disease, Alzheimer’s) and poor aging.
  • Avoid high-fat foods like marbled red meats and processed lunch meats, hot dogs etc.
  • Limit Nut, Seed, Oil, and Butter intake as they too are high in fat.
  • Try to only eat animal products that are organic if possible because the hormones and antibiotics in regular animal products are also hard on your system.
  • Try to buy fish that has a low mercury count (canned fish is okay) but try to limit the amount you consume over the duration of the Challenge.
  • Please refer to the LOW-FAT Chart for details
  • Drink 10 glasses of water a day (a glass equals 250mL/1 cup)
  • Every day you complete the challenge you will earn 2 pts
  • Increasing water intake is important to support detoxificaton. It will also decreases inflammation, and help your brain and muscles work better.
  • You will Pee more... it’s true. Try to focus on drinking in the day and limit your intake after dinner so you can get a whole night's sleep.
  • Buy yourself a nice water bottle and make it your new best friend - go everywhere with it and fill it up often
  • You will gain points for ALL EXERCISE you perform
  • 3 pts for Supervised SXS Fitness workouts
  • 2 pts for Unsupervised NON-SXS Fitness workouts
  • Minimum 45 minute workouts
  • Medium to hard intensity (sorry walking the dog around the block or jogging on the treadmill while watching TV doesn't count - we're looking for caloris crushers!
  • EARN extra points by posting meals, workouts, motivational words, etc. on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram). Earn 1 pt for every post - Max 7pts/week.


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