August 2020

Client Info

Please ensure your SXS account is up‑to‑date in our client system:  MINDBODY Online. You can do so from the MINDBODY website or the MINDBODY Connect App. If you do not have access to your account you can contact us directly for further assistance.

We are asking that you have a Credit Card on file (if it’s not already) to allow us the ability for "touch-free" payment processing. Your credit card can be added to your account manually by logging into your account and navigating to your Profile then adding/editing your Billing Info.


You will be required to book in advance to reserve a space for ALL CrossFit, Group Fitness, and Youth Athlete sessions. This can be accomplished using the MINDBODY Website or App. If you have issues gaining access to your account OR we have created an account on your behalf, please contact for assistance to claim your account.

Prior to your first visit after our reopening you will be required to fill out an online Client Liability Waiver. You only have to fill out the waiver once, HOWEVER it is incumbent upon you to notify us if anything changes from when you initially filled it out.

You can reserve a spot in a class up to 48-hours in advance. Class sizes will be limited to 8-10 participants to allow for adequate social distancing. To save time we request that you check-in through the Mindbody App upon arrival for class using your own device. If for some reason you cannot (Ex. Booked by a parent or coach) an SXS representative will check you in.

You can cancel up to 8-hours in advance. No shows or late cancellations may result in a $20 fee. Please understand that with limited class sizes we can't have booked slots go unused.

Private/ Semi-Private sessions, Private Groups, and Clinic appointments will be booked via the coach/ practitioner/ SXS representative directly. If you need to make changes to your booking, please reach out to your service provider directly.

Sports Medicine Appointments

When under the care and supervision of a SPORTS MEDICINE CLINIC practitioner you will be required to wear a mask for the duration of the appointment. This is mandated by their individual colleges. Prior to your appointment please remain in the designated waiting area at the top‑left section of the upstairs entrance until your practitioner or an SXS representative escorts you to your appointment.

Classes & Sessions

There will be a 10-minute buffer between all Classes to minimize interaction between clients. We ask that you do not enter the facility more than 5-minutes prior to your booked session or appointment. If you arrive earlier please wait outside or in your vehicle and use the time to catch up on emails or meditate.

While waiting for a Class to begin please maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet. When a class ends we request that you exit the facility as quickly as possible. If you would like to socialize with other clients, please do so outside, away from the entrance door, at a safe distance. Reducing close interactions can help reduce the spread of COVID.

Entry Requirements

Prior to entering the facility please ensure that you meet ALL criteria to enter based on our Covid Screening Questionnaire that will be posted at the entrance. If you answer YES to any of the questions please do not enter the building and if necessary, seek medical attention.

When entering the building you MUST wear a mask until you are under the care of a practitioner and/or in your designated training zone. Once you arrive in your Training Zone you can continue to wear your mask at your own discretion.

You will receive a temperature check from a touchless thermometer upon entering the facility (Normal is 35.7 - 37.8°C). If you are above 38°C (confirmed after 3 attempts) you will be asked to leave and directed to the Ontario Hotline to seek further assistance.

Cleaning Protocols

As a community it is ALL of our responsibility to keep SXS clean and safe for everyone. Coaches, Practitioners and SXS staff will be washing their hands and sanitizing any mutual items (white boards, markers, speakers etc.) All light switches, door knobs and sink handles will be cleaned regularly and all equipment will get regular cleaning by staff as well. We will also have very regular deep cleanings by a professional service to ensure the safest possible environment.

We ask that you clean ALL equipment, mats, ground and anything you touch at the end of your session. There will be clearly marked cleaning stations with disinfectant spray and paper towels provided. We appreciate your help and understanding during these challenging times.

While in the Gym

Service Changes