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It's a great way to lose weight and get in shape in a structured, high-intensity environment. It's an exciting, high energy circuit structured class designed to increase overall fitness level. Bootcamp is great for all levels of fitness- anywhere from beginners to experienced fitness buffs. It's also a fun, alternative way to lose fat, increase lean muscle mass, improve stamina, coordination and flexibility.


Metabolic Conditioning:
Strengthen functional, full body movements to increase lean muscle mass and burn fat.

Cardiovascular Conditioning:
Increase maximum heart rate, reduce recovering time, and lower resting heart rate.

Core Strengthening:
Help stabilize the body, improve posture, and reduce back pain.

Speed, Agility, Quickness:
Improve your ability to perform the dynamic movements needed in most sports.

Help prevent injury and increase range of motion.


- 5 min warm up
- 45 min of work
- 10 min cool down/ stretching


- Lots of water
- Proper running shoes and workout attire
- Beach towel & Sun Screen
- Workout mat (only if you have one)
- Positive attitude and lots of energy

To sign up or for further information please call 647-352-2348 or email bookings.

Sessions are subject to cancellation or change based on weather conditions.
Check the Session Schedule for latest information and updates.