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MEDIX SCHOOL - Department Head of Fitness

Medix School

Stefan Overgaard has been promoted to Department Head of Fitness for the Medix School in Toronto, Canada. For over 35 years Medix School has been providing industry leading Health Care career training for those looking to become medical professionals. Medix has expanded to 6 career college locations in the Greater Toronto & Southern Ontario areas with each of them featuring state of the art facilities. Medix is the clear choice for those looking to change their life today.

The objective of the Professional Fitness Certification program offered at Medix School Ontario, CA is to train students to become highly qualified, Certified Personal Fitness professionals. The program offers the most up to date curriculum delivered through the Professional Fitness Institute and the hands on experience necessary to succeed within this exciting field.

The curriculum relies on two fundamental principles; firstly, teach to foster an understanding of the material versus memorization of the material, and secondly, allowing the students to process information through practical experience. This experience is provided via interactive labs, an innovative boot camp and externship in Personal Training/Consulting.