Come and experience SXS Cross-Stretch and bring balance
to your body. A great addition to your workout routine for
those hard working bodies.

The Cross-Stretch class will have a Yoga foundation to it with more focus on the stretching. It will also include some Pilates style core work and foam rolling. We have found that this combination of stretching, core strengthening and foam rolling is optimal for increasing flexibility, range of motion and improved posture. This in turn all leads to better movement efficiency and prevention and alleviation of chronic conditions such as back pains, IT band tightness and many types of tendinitis.

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Classes are taught by certified Yoga instructor Lily Eslahjou. Sessions include stretching, mobility, and core strengthening. Yoga with modern athletic movement - essential for athletes, weekend warriors, individuals with bad posture, limited range of motion and tight muscles.

Lily has taught for over 10 years and is a certified Yoga Instructor. She teaches Iyengar, Hatha, Ashtanga, Pre-Natal and Power/Vinyasa. In addition Lily is a Bowen Therapist which is a technique to heal injuries and imbalances in the body. Her knowledge in anatomy and injuries allows her to teach many variations to suit all levels as well as focus on body alignment.

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Saturdays - 11am-noon


- Lots of water
- Your own yoga mat
- Do not eat 1 hour before session