About Us


SXS Fitness is a unique fitness operation designed and managed by strength and conditioning expert Stefan Overgaard. We provide and implement specialized fitness programs designed to get you results in the most efficient and effective manner. All programs are individualized based on specific goals whether it’s losing weight, putting on muscle mass, improving body composition, improving general health and conditioning, injury recovery etc.

Team Members

Stefan Overgaard
Nadine Jackson
Ben Sit


At SXS Fitness we believe in training individuals in all facets of fitness. We go above and beyond helping people make a quick change that might bring them short term results. Through specialize fitness programming and nutrition, we teach and train our clients to make lasting lifestyle changes that will provide a better standard of living for them and their family.

Vision Statement

We will be recognized as a leading provider of fitness and be the benchmark in developing high performance athletes throughout North America.

Mission Statement

We maximize fitness results by designing specialized programs using the right equipment under expert supervision.

Clients Include

  • Elite athletes (see elite athlete division)
  • Professional actors and dancers
  • Parents trying to lose weight and improve general health
  • Young men looking to put on size and muscle mass
  • Post pregnancy mothers looking to regain their pre-pregnancy figure
  • Brides and grooms getting ready to look their best on their special day
  • University students trying to shed some extra weight put on during the school year
  • Individuals with eating disorders
  • Recreational sports enthusiasts looking to improve their game including alpine skiers, bikers, golfers, tennis players, water skiers, basketball players, runners just to name a few