The SXS Fitness Story


SXS Fitness and Wellness was founded by Stefan Overgaard. As a former National team downhill skier Stefan grew up working out, and knows the dedication that is required to achieve great things. He also knows that if you are having fun and around great doesn't feel like work. SXS Fitness and Wellness is a gym made by the individuals that attends, a community of fitness and wellness minded friends and family working out together and achieving theirs goals.


Stefan speedskating



Lead Personal Trainer

Stefan has been in the fitness industry since 2003. As a former member of the Canada Alpine Ski Team, he knows what it takes to make it to the top levels in sport. In addition to competing all over the world, Stefan had the privilege to learn from some of the best coaches first hand on what goes into building great athletes in gym. When Stefan hung up his skis, he decided to shift his passion into the fitness industry and use his experience in competitive sport and expertise in training to start up SXS Fitness. What started as a one man show out of the back of an old Jeep out traveling all over the GTA has evolved into a fully outfitted fitness centre and sports medicine clinic with an incredible team of coaches and practitioners. Stefan is still very much on ‘the gym floor’ training clients many of which he’s had for over a decade and still going strong. One of his biggest passions is showing people that you can push yourself to limits you thought were too much, and get results that were out of reach before, ALL while having fun and really enjoying the journey! Hobbies include skiing, basketball, tennis, croquet, playing with his amazing wife and kids, getting worked out (and crushed) by the incredible coaches he works with, enjoying cold beer and great wine with family and friends. Work hard and play hard as long as you have balance.



Personal Trainer

Youth Athlete Coach

Cameron's background in sport & exercise from ski racing on the Ontario Ski Team to his education at McGill University has given him unique skills, knowledge and practical experience to help anyone reach their health & fitness goals.   Cameron has been training clients since 2018 and runs his own Health & Fitness business called The Body Factory. Cameron enjoys Golf, tennis, hockey skiing, beating Stefan in CrossFit workouts, South African Red Wine and face masks.  

Fun Fact:  During Cameron's ski racing career, he was able to reach the rank of #1 in the world for his age in slalom in 2017.

Certifications: NSCA-CSCS, Canfitpro PTS, Certified Nutritionist, NCCP DL

Types of training: Strength & Conditioning, Personal/ Group Training

Kyle rowing


Head CrossFit Coach

Kyle’s degree in Kinesiology and Health Science provides him with the necessary foundation to provide a service as a coach to have the most up-to-date information to administer safe, fun and effective training. He also has a lot of experience competing in various sports. Being able to combine his knowledge from these sports helps create effective sport-specific and functional exercise programs.

Fun Fact: Represented Barbados in the 2018 and 2022 Commonwealth Rowing Beach Sprints. National Champion of Barbados in 2022 7th in the 2023 World Indoor Rowing Championships (21-22age category)

Certifications: CF-L1

Types of Training: CrossFit, Rowing, Strength, & Conditioning



Holistic Nutritionist

CrossFit Coach

Personal Trainer

Sara has been in the fitness and nutritional counseling field since 2019. She graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) in 2020. Since then, she has worked with a variety of clients, helping them achieve their health and wellness goals through coaching and nutrition. She has a focused interest in sports nutrition and optimizing nutrient intake for performance and recovery.   She is very active being an avid CrossFitter herself. If she's not training, she will most likely be doing activities outdoors and spending quality time with her loved ones.   Sara believes that good coaching, nutrition and a healthy mind are the basis of living a happy life.   She is a firm believer in the power of nutrition to improve overall health and well-being.

Certifications: R.H.N Designation, CF-L1, CF Programming,CanFit-Pro, & CPR First Aid



Naturopathic Doctor

Personal Trainer


Dr. Nadine Overgaard, ND is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (2013), attended McMaster’s Medical acupuncture program (2013), and has completed all the courses to be a Modern Cupping Therapist. As a naturopath she focuses of acute and chronic pain as well as sleep, digestion, anxiety, and hormone health. Nadine has extensive personal experience in the world of fitness growing up as a competitive gymnast, then focusing on dance, yoga and pilates. She is certified as a pilates, spin and cross fit instructor as well as a personal trainer, and a level two CAC gymnastics coach. Nadine is passionate about health and fitness and hopes to share her knowledge with everyone in the SXS Fitness community.



Personal Trainer

Youth Athlete Coach

Certifications: IFBB Bodybuilding and Fitness Trainer IFBB bodybuilding and Fitness judging IFBB Bodybuilding and Fitness competition WADA/IFBB Drug testing in sports  FVFF Personal Trainer  PC- Powerfit certification  FPFF Resistance and Weight lifting  UNIT “HIIT” NFPT Professional Trainer  FVKB Kickboxing ASKB Professional Athletes conditioning 



CrossFit Coach

Personal Trainer

CrossFit Babahoyo Owner

With over a decade of dedication to the CrossFit community, I am proud to be not just a coach and personal trainer, but also the owner of CrossFit Babahoyo. My journey in fitness began with a passion for sports, leading me to become a provincial sports leader and an avid athlete myself. I understand the unique needs and challenges each person brings to their fitness journey. From beginners taking their first steps into the gym to seasoned athletes striving for peak performance, I meet every client where they are and empower them to succeed. Beyond the gym, my interests span far and wide. Cycling is not just a hobby but a passion that fuels my competitive spirit and love for adventure. And as a proud father of two young boys, I strive to lead by example, showing them the importance of dedication and discipline. Throughout my athletic career, I've achieved notable milestones, including national cycling champion and ranking 53rd in all of South America during the 2015 Open.

Certifications: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA Nutritionist, CrossFit Trainer L1, L2, IKFF Certified Trainer L1, L2, CrossFit Training Pregnant and Postpartum Athletes, & CrossFit Endurance Training.

Types of Training: CrossFit, Functional Fitness, Personal Training, & Cycling.



CrossFit Coach

I am a boys mom, all my life I have practice sports, my early passions include volleyball and beach volley. I am from Ecuador, I was the co-owner of of CrossFit Babahoyo, this is where I develop and found my passion of helping others achieve their best version. My relationship with fitness has always been a tool to stay strong and being healthy, I have never been a competitive athlete, but I love working out in group sessions because it lifts you up and sets you for success. Currently pursuing a diploma in Humber College for Fitness and Heath Promotion. Helping woman stay strong and find their best version is my way of empowerment and give back to the community.

Certifications: Emergency First Aid, ISSA CPT, ISSA Glute Specialist, CF-L1 Trainer, & CF Training Pregnant and Postpartum Athletes.

The SXS Fitness Story

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