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We believe in using objective data to track progress and assess your current fitness and health. Whether your goal is to improve your vertical jump for sports or to look better in a bathing suit, we have tests to suit every need.


  • Test

  • Review Results

  • Set Goals

  • Make a Plan

  • Execute Plan

  • Re-test

  • Repeat

Testing offers a precise method to identify strengths and weaknesses, establish a benchmark for current fitness levels, and measure improvements. This analysis helps determine the effectiveness of training between tests. The most significant data is not the score itself, but the progress made since the previous assessment.

It all comes down to establishing a baseline, setting goals, and measuring progress. This information guides a training routine designed to improve future test scores, enhance overall athletic success, and reduce the risk of both acute and chronic injuries that are so prevalent today.


  • Baseline Assessment

  • Review Results

  • Set Goals

  • Make a Plan

  • Execute Plan

  • Re-asses

  • Repeat

Our comprehensive assessment program features a range of fitness tests, functional movement screens, and body composition analyses. For those seeking more than just a number on the scale, we offer the InBody Test—a non-invasive, quick, and accurate body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, and water components.

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