SXS Fitness Inc. is pleased to present the Winter Elite Training Program. Under normal circumstances we would be shifting to "competitive season mode" with the training HOWEVER, due to the current Lock Down that has shut down "in-person" training and put competitions in jeopardy we have modified the programming in 2 main ways:

  1. We will maintain the high intensity and volume of off-season training UNTIL the competition season resumes. This is a great opportunity to continue to make gains.
  2. Until Lockdown has been lifted and we are authorized to deliver "in-person" training ALL sessions will be offered on the ZOOM Platform.

For those athletes who are looking to join the program for the first time please contact Stefan directly to set up Orientation session. You can call 647-352-2348 or email to setup an appointment.

WINTER Elite Training Program

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Download the printable PDF below for full details and pricing.

Start Date: MON Jan 4    
Finish Date: SUN Mar 28    
Training Times: All Ages MON - THU 4:10 - 5:10 PM
  All Ages FRI, SAT, SUN TBD

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Those opting for the prepaid packages, payment must be made by Sunday, January 24.

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When booking, you can select "Register as unpaid - Child's Name" if you have not yet decided which package to purchase. Reservations cannot be made more than 48 hrs before a class.

You can use a computer, mobile device, tablet, or TV.

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